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That’s interesting …
and in color

After long anticipation and years of rumors, Apple finally unleashed its latest creation, the iPad, yeasterday morning in San Francisco. This oversizeg iPhone on steroids is smaller than Skiff but it offers a color screen and a lot of applications, including all of the iPhone apps. The iPad is available in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G versions.

Apple touts the iPad as a third category of device, positioned between a smartphone and a laptop. During Wednesday’s presentation, Jobs drew a pointed contrast between the iPad and netbooks—lower-cost PCs that have sold well in the mobile market. But Jobs characterized netbooks as slow, burdened with low-quality displays and running PC programs. “They’re not better than a laptop at anything,” Jobs said. “They’re just cheaper.”

Apple thinks the iPad fills the gap between phones and laptops by making it easier to browse through e-mail, photos, music, and videos. Apple also used demos Wednesday to showcase the iPad’s ability to display e-books and play games. Jobs spent parts of Wednesday’s demo seated in an armchair to show off the ease of using the tablet’s on screen controls.

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Forty years ago today, the Internet may have uttered its first word

Web pioneer recalls ‘birth of the Internet’

(CNN) — It was 1969 and a busy year for making history: Woodstock, the Miracle Mets, men on the moon — and something less celebrated but arguably more significant, the birth of the Internet.

On October 29 of that year, for perhaps the first time, a message was sent over the network that would eventually become the Web. Leonard Kleinrock, a professor of computer science at the University of California-Los Angeles, connected the school’s host computer to one at Stanford Research Institute, a former arm of Stanford University.

Forty years ago today, the Internet may have uttered its first word.

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