Toyota vs Congress

Above: Akio Toyoda, the president and CEO of Toyota, and Yoshimi Inaba, President and COO of Toyota Motor North America, answer questions from members of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee on the recall of 8 million vehicles worldwide.

This was not only a Congressional event, it was an international event, and a clash of cultures. To be blunt, a culture clashed with a lack of it. Although some congress people on the panel were prepared, asked the meaningful questions, and listen to the answers, most of them were just morons full of themselves … not prepared, not current on facts, bringing up dumb and/or outdated examples … posturing obtuse politicians not able to ask purposeful questions, nor to speak clearly in proper English. What a poor display of “parliamentary” manners. The clown in red jacket (Eleanor Holmes Norton?) got lost in her own stupid example and arguments. Despite Toyota North America COO attempts to nudge her back into her own logic, she failed miserably to understand her own drift and became belligerent instead. What a circus … and embarrassment … and shame.

These are the people who represent us and this nation? God save America …

Some blog quotes from CNN report and blog:

You know all this crap makes me want to buy a Toyota now… at least the CEO has the balls to come up to a panel (without knowing English I should add) testify with a straight face, be in the hot seat and claim responsibility like an honest man, not like CEO who is dishonest and cost us billions of bailout money.

Watching this has gotten my ire up again. Congress is full of time wasters and time abusers. They’re talking more than the Toyota brass. Apparently they have the answers, why did they bother having anyone from Toyota there?? These folks in congress live in a fantasy world, not the real world in which the majority of us dwell. It’s a serious issue, but they are not treating it that way. They are using it as a forum to criticize and belittle some corporate execs.

This was just flashed in a business news channel. Almost all the committee members (12 of them) who are questioning the Toyota CEO accepted money from UAW. So now the question is will be a fair investigation? Toyota is in deep trouble. People’s lives have been lost. And Rahm Emanuel said – ‘Never let a crisis go to waste’. Will they get the answers for this crisis or they’ll want to benefit their election donors; i.e UAW? Either way politicians don’t really care.

Update … an interesting AP article on CNBC site:

Analysis: Cultures Collide With Toyoda Testimony

Corporate leaders in Japan are affable cheerleaders who solicit everyone’s views and avoid confrontation at almost any cost. It’s called “nemawashi.” U.S. lawmakers are cut-throat partisans who clamor for the spotlight, especially in an election year. It’s called politics.

These cultures collided Wednesday in the appearance of a polite man from a distant land before a congressional committee stocked with angry men and women with axes to grind.

Toyota President Akio Toyoda’s moment was one brought to us by globalization, the integration of economies and societies through a worldwide network of trade and communications. Toyoda’s appearance illustrated two stark realities: Nations are more knitted together than ever, and still oh-so far apart.

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